Meinds Notebook

In this directory we try to keep a summary of important
issues from the developer mailing list. It's kind of a 
long term memory for the project. And a collaboration
area where new ideas can be a little bit more formalized.

Please note that the division into levels below is simply
an experiment, it has not formally been decided yet...

Might become: Decisions (Level 1)
 * ...
Might become: Drafts (Level 2)
 * LicenceChoice
 * ...

Might become: Notes (level 3):
 * RdfInMeinds
 * RdfStorage
 * CacheIntro
 * ...

 * DesignDecisions (Currently just a suggestion/thought...)
 * ...


Info/background documents:
 * RdfIntro


Later this little file structure with it's content will
probably be converted into DocBook format or incorporated
in some Wiki-style tool (or Meinds...)

The notebook is a part of Meinds